The Group consists of 12 member colleges


Cardinal Newman College

King Edward VI College

Carmel College

Peter Symonds College

Cirencester College

Sir John Deane's College

Farnborough Sixth Form College

St Dominic's College

Greenhead College

Winstanley College

Hills Road College

Woodhouse College


The Group share the following objectives:

- to share and disseminate good practice within the group for the benefit of students

- to improve still further the quality of our provision

- to influence policy, at national and local level, is it impinges on our colleges and our students

- to develop cost-sharing and quality improvement partnerships between our colleges

- to work with sister organisations (e.g. SFCA, AoC) to celebrate and promote the good reputation of sixth form colleges.

In addition to the Principals' meetings which take place four times per year, Finance Directors from the Colleges regularly also meet to discuss key issues for them.